Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prayer Requests

Oh my! I have so many prayer requests to share. Several of them are prayer requests the friends have shared with me, and a couple of them are my own.

A friend from elementary school's dad had brain surgery yesterday. He had a brain tumor, and, although it was benign, it had to be removed immediately. He made it through the surgery fine, but please be in prayer for him as he recovers. His name is Mr. Loy (I don't know his first name).

A friend from college contacted me today. His mom, Margorie Engelheart, had a gallbladder attack yesterday and had to have her gallbladder removed in emergency surgery. His parents are missionaries in Africa, so please pray for her recovery.

My best friend from college, Laura, and I were talking yesterday, and she said that a man from her church is in need of a heart transplant. He's second on the list in the country, but the doctors aren't even sure he could make it through the surgery. I do not know his name, but please pray for him. He is saved, but Laura is very close to him, so it would be hard on her if he died.

Also, my great-grandma, Helen Jackson, is suffering from congestive heart failure. She has only been given a few months to live, and she is not saved. As I said in my blog post about her, I would desperately love to see her get saved before she dies. It would be so much easier on me if she died before I go back to college in the fall so I don't have to fly hoem for a funeral.

If you could pray for all of these things, I would greatly appreciate it!