Monday, June 22, 2009

Making Cookies

Well, today I decided to be daring and I made cookies with Chase and Cole. As you can probably imagine, they loved the idea. However, by the time it was all done, I was regretting my decision. The kitchen was a mess, thanks to my two little helpers. However, I must add that Chase helped with the cleanup. He did quite a few of the dishes for me!

Despite the huge mess that was made, we did have fun. Chase and Cole both helped with the mixing, and towards the end, when the dough was getting stiff and hard to mix, Cole held the bowl while Chase held the mixer. It was so sweet! Cole absolutely adores his older brother and would do anything to please him, which, I must admit, Chase takes advantage of sometimes!

Once the cookies were ready to be put on trays and go into the oven, I sat the boys down at the table and let them eat their lunch, which consisted of hot dogs and a candy bar. That kept them busy long enough for me to get all of the cookies on trays and the first batch into the oven.

When they were done eating, I put Chase to work doing dishes (no, I wasn't forcing him, he volunteered!) and put Cole down for his nap because he was being a crab. He always looks so cute and innocent when eh's sleeping; why can't he ever be like that when he's awake?

Well, that pretty much sums up the adventure of cookie making with a six year old and a four year old! Next time I'll think twice before suggesting that we make cookies!!

(The finished result!)