Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

Well, I'm finally home for Christmas break. It was quite an interesting and eventful trip, but I got home safely. The trip, which usually take 7 to 8 hours instead took over ten hours.

When we (Christie Darling, Michael Troester, and I) left school, it was sleeting. Shortly after we got out of Shelby, it started to snow. By the time we got to Statesville, NC, the snow was coming down hard and fast. Once we got to Virginia, driving was starting to get a little tricky because the roads were so slippery from the snow.

Our trek through Virgina and West Virgina was rather...interesting. While we were in Virginia, we did a 360 right in the middle of the interstate, ending up in a ditch!! Thankfully, we were able to get out without too much trouble and carefully continued on our way. While on the West Virginia turnpike, we did quite a bit of sliding around, but thankfully God kept us safe and we didn't get into any accidents, although we did come close a couple of times.

We were finally able to get ahead of the snow shortly before we got Charleston, WV. It was raining, but that was much better than snow!! From Charelston to Zanesville, we only had to deal with rain, but once we got to Zanesville, it started to snow again. Thankfully it was only a half hour to Christie's house from there, so the roads weren't too bad.

We were at Christie's house for about five minutes or so before Dad and Holly arrived to pick me up. I was very happy to see them, and even more happy when I got home. I don't think I've ever been so ahppy or so relieved to be home.

It snowed all night last night and is still snowing now. It's not supposed to stop until tomorrow sometime. It's amazing how much prettier it looks when you're nice and cozy inside!!