Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The boys

I was able to go down and see Chase and Cole tonight for the first time since I got home on break. It amazes me how much those two grown when I'm away at college!!

Chase turned 7 in September, but he talks like he's 30! He's in first grade this year, and he loves it. He can read very well. He's already up to my shoulder, if not past there, so I know that before long he'll be taller than me! There's something definitely wrong with a 7 year old being that tall!!! Of course, maybe it's just that I'm too short. :)

Cole is now 4. He'll be 5 in April. He goes to preschool right now, but this fall he'll be going to kindergarten. It's so hard to believe that he'll be old enough to go to school! Like Chase, he's very tall for his age. He comes up to about the middle of my chest. *Sigh* I guess that's one of the downsides of being short, all the little kids are taller than you! lol

We exchanged Christmas gifts with them tonight, just like we have every year since Chase was born. They were both thrilled with the k'nex (kind of like legos) sets that we gave them, and Holly and I loved the bath and body works sets that we got from them.

They just got a new cat, named Brutus (after Brutus Buckeye, of course!) and he is so cute! He'll just lay there in your arms and let you pet him, and he's oh so patient with the boys' hugs and kisses and squeezes! :D

I'll be babysitting them all day tomorrow, from about 6 am until around 4:30 or 5 pm. Since there's snow on the ground, I imagine that they'll drag me outside and convince me to play in the show with them (well, to tell you the truth, it doesn't take much convincing; I love the snow!) and go sledding with them. As is every day with thsoe two boys, it will be tons of fun and I'll be completely exhausted by the tiem I get home, but I wouldn't trade it for anything; well, almost anything. ;)