Wednesday, April 14, 2010

God Is Near

God is always near to His children, even we stray away from Him. This is very convicting to me, for I have not always been close to God, and have strayed away from Him many times, yet always, He takes em back and forgives me. We serve an awesome God!

Friends may lead me astray,
But God is always near.
Others may cause me to turn away,
But, always, God is near.

Though I may stray far away,
Still He watches over me.
Though I choose to go my own way,
Still, He watches over me.

When I return and plead,
“Lord forgive me!
You’re all I need.
Please, Lord, remember me!”

Lovingly, my Father said,
“Child, you wandered far away;
From me you fled,
But I was with you all the way.”

It was then that I cried.
I don’t deserve His love.
But still, He was by my side,
My loving Father above.