Thursday, March 18, 2010

A much-needed update-part 1

My poor little blog!! You've been so neglected recently!! I'm going to blame it all on Baptist History, which isn't a valid excuse considering I didn't update all that frequently when I didn't have Baptist History, but hey, it's an excuse! :)

(Tip: When you start talking to your blog, you know it's time for you to go to bed!!!)

Well, this post is titled update, so I should probably write an update!! Brilliant, aren't I?! lol

Hmm...let's see here, where shall I start? Well, I guess I'll start at the beginning of the semester, seeing as I haven't really done a major update since Christmas Break. I'll try to skip over the things that I've updated on in the small little updates I've done here and there this semester.

When I first got back to college we had opening Revival, like we always do at the beginning of each semester. This semester Dr. Comfort and Dr. Bill Hall preached. The messages were all really, really good, and I enjoyed all of them, but there wasn't any that really stuck out to me.

This semester, I have a pretty light load, but it's still difficult and stressful, mainly because of one class, Baptist History, which I told you about in Update. It's going a little better now, but I'm still struggling with it some.

Besides that class, I have Spreadsheets, Systematic Theology 2, Pauline Epistles, Office Practices, Procedures, & Equipment, and Database. I'm also taking piano lessons again this semester. Tuesdays are definitely my easiest days as I only have two classes, and I don't have a seven o'clock class, so I get to sleep in!!! Yay!!!

After Opening Revival, there wasn't really anything major until Valentine's Banquet. In case you're wondering, no, I did not go with anyone, unless you count sitting with Andrew and hanging out with him as going with someone, which I do not!!! I had fun, anyways. :)

After Valentine's Banquet, the next major thing was Family Fun Night. It took us till about 1am to finish setting up most of the big stuff, and then we were back at it again the next day after brunch. We finally finished setting everything up right before dinner, which is a good thing, considering it opened up right after dinner!!

Family Fun Night was really our last major event before break, well, besides midterms, that is. Thankfully, I only had two midterms this semester, so that was a nice break from past semesters where I'd had one in every class.

After break, there will only be about 6 more weeks left until I graduate!!!! I am super excited, although at the same time I'm a little sacred, because I have absolutely no idea what I'll be doing after I graduate. As of right now, the plan is for me to come home and look for a job, that is, after all the hustle and bustle of Holly's wedding is over!!

Ok, I'm going to close for now and finish updating later because it is way past my bedtime!!! I'll try to write part 2 tomorrow.