Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Update :)

Okay, so I really should be doing schoolwork, but I haven't updated my blog for awhile,s o i thought I'd do a quick little update.
I am finally over the bug that I had; I still have a little bit of a cough left, but other than that I am feeling much better.
Classes are going great right now. Midterms start on Tuesday, and, surprisingly enough, I'm really not worried about them. I'm sure that will change once it comes time to take my first midterm on Wednesday! :D
After midterms is Fall Break, which I'm super excited about!!! I'm going home for it, and bringing Andrew with me so he can visit Holly. ;) Needless to say, they're both quite excited about that! ON my first full day home, Mom and I are going shopping at the Ohio Thrift stores in Columbus for their monthly half-price day, which is the last Wednesday of every month. I'm hoping to get some fall and winter clothes for school. I was looking on my closet the other day, and most of my clothes are for spring and summer, so that will be a very helpful trip.
I'm not sure what else we'll be doing over fall break. I know that we're going out to eat one night at Clark's, a family-owned restaurant about two minutes from my house, which, unfortunately is closing soon due to the economy and lack of business. This will be my last opportunity to eat there as they are closing right after Thanksgiving. I was sad to hear that, because Clark's has been there forever, and it's kind of a landmark in a way. They have delicious food for very good prices and I always enjoy going there.
After Fall Break, I'll be back down here with only a little over four weeks until Thanksgiving. I'm very much looking forward to Thanksgiving this year, for a couple fo different reasons. The first one, and my main one, is that Holly's coming down for Thanksgiving week!!! She'll arrive on Tuesday before dinner, go to Emmanuel with Andrew and I that night for our praise service, and be here through at least Friday night, if not Saturday morning. I'm very much looking forward to having her down here as I have really missed her. My second reason for looking forward to Thanksgiving is because I will be going to the Stoliker home, affectionately referred to as the nut house because of all of us crazy college students that they adopted, for Thanksgiving dinner. Chad West, Amy Marshall, Lisa Penachio, and Caleb Getty, their other college student adoptees, will be over there as well, which guarantees that it will be crazy and tons of fun!
Well, that's about all I have time to write for now. I'll try to get a post written sometime this week and post it on here on Wednesday night when i come for visitation.
Goodbye until then!!