Sunday, December 21, 2008

My boys

I babysat my boys Friday night for the first time in about three months. Okay, okay, so there not really my boys, there my next door neighbor's, but I've known them since they were born and helped mom babysit them since the oldest was ten weeks, so it practically seems like they are. It brought back so many memories of babysitting them when they were little.

Chase, the oldest, is now six. He's in kindergarten and rides the bus to and from school everyday.
Cole, the youngest, is now three. He'll turn four in April. He's very independent and talks up a storm. He still has those big blue eyes and that adorable blonde hair. He is still going to preschool someplace in Pataskala.
We watched the movie Cars and then Chase played Tonka Search and Rescue 2 on the computer. Their parents came home as soon as we finished playing the game, so that was the end of our night.