Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

Happy 4th of July, everyone! Okay, okay, I know that it's now the fifth of July, but I was too busy packing to post anything. 

A few days ago, someone that I used to work with came in to Taco Bell. He is now in the military, along with his brother, who I also used to work with. They're both a year older than me (they're twins). He's expecting to have to go over to Iraq sometime soon, and his brother has already been. This really got me thinking about our men and women in the armed forces. If it weren't for people like them, we wouldn't be celebrating the 4th of July. We wouldn't have the freedoms that we have today. I thought of all those serving over in Iraq and Afghanistan, especially. They face danger each and every day because they love our country. 
This got me to thinking about all those who protest the war. How sad it must make all those fighting to know that they don't have the support of our country behind them. I know that people don't want the soldiers to be hurt or killed, and that;s why they want to bring them home, but wouldn't it be much better to support them and what they're doing over there? It seems to me that as much as a soldier would love to come home, he'd rather have people supporting the war. What ever happened to the patriotism that this country had during World War 2? People would have rubber drives, and metal drives, and buy war bonds, and do anything that they could to support the war and help make it safer for our soldiers. How do people support the soldiers nowadays? They protest the war. I don't know about you, but I sure don't consider that patriotism. Maybe if this country actually supported the war, our troops would be able to come home sooner.
Please don't think that I'm sitting here writing this as someone unaffected  by the war, and with no one in the military. That's not true. As well as the two friends that I mentioned, I have several cousins in the military, and I have one more leaving for boot camp this fall. There is a possibility that one of them could get sent over to Iraq and Afghanistan. So please, when you hear on the news about the war, think of all the soldiers fighting for what they believe in.