Wednesday, October 31, 2007


On Sunday morning, my pastor preached a wonderful message. It was about women and their relationships with their husbands, but towards the end he talked to those of us who are not yet married but are approaching marriagable age. He said that we should not be concerned with looks or whether or not they meet all those little requirements that we have that aren't important, but that we should be more concerned that they have a close relationship with God. He told us that if they didn't have that, then even if they met all our requirements it wouldn't matter, because if they don't have a close relationship with God the marriage wouldn't work.

I've heard messages like this before, but they always just seemed to concentrate on the fact that our future spouse needs to be saved. I know that it's very important to have a spouse that's saved, so I'm not downplaying the importance of preaching on that, but that seems like that's all that a young person is told about qualities that thay should look for, like having a close relationship with God, being a leader (if your a girl looking for a guy), etc.

Well, I've rambled on long enough now. Just thought I'd share my thoughts about that subject.