Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Boys

Let's see here...Colee can now say Bob the Builder, gum, and make monster sounds(he sounds so cute when he does). Chaser is as anoying as He loves going out in the snow to play, as does Cole. Of course, their favorite thing to do once they're out there is to throw snowballs. Their favorite target? Me. Of Course.
One of Cole's favorite things to do is snuggle. He'll snuggle with anyone. He's always begging(in his own little way)us to take naps with him.
Chase's favorite things to do are read books, do school, pick on me, sit on me, beat me up...well, you get the point. The only time he stays away from me is right after I wake up. Can't figure out why. :-P I've gotten him hooked on the Land Before Time Movies, and there's a new one coming out. He can't wait to see it. He printed of a dinosaur mask the other day. A picture I took of him is to the left.
Well, that's all for now. More later.